Sonosthesia is a project by 2 music producers Jernej Marušič (a.k.a. Octex) and Nataša Muševič (a.k.a. Dot). Using music vinyl as a medium this project aims to discover new ways on interacting image and sound.

The main idea behind it is developing a mechanism which allows visible images to be etched on music vinyls with mere sound recordings groove. We achieved this result by virtually 'reading' images as if they were vinyls on a gramophone deck and then using this data to construct a sound piece that visualizes the image itself when recorded onto vinyl.

Each vinyl with music recorded on it has its own visible pattern showing up due to various reflections light creates with shinning off it. Each frequency and its loudness creates a different reflection and the project Sonosthesia uses these facts in a way as to be able to record any chosen image visibly on music vinyl medium by means of sound.

these are real images (with no fake postproduction) of the first gramophone vinyl with an image visible recorded using merely sound in history

The possibility to transform an image into sound directly has been experimented in many ways before and yet this is the first time the physical nature of sound recordings was used to draw a visible image.